“Siri, when was I CEO of Bain?”

Snarky Tweet of the Day award goes to Chris Hayes.


Andrew Sullivan has a good breakdown of Mitt’s various positions on the Bain issue here and adds some context to his obfuscation in this post:

Romney basically said what was the most convenient for his self-interest at every juncture – and finally all the contradictions and changing stories caught up with him. When you have it both ways on policy matters – we’ll increase defense spending, lower taxes even further, and cut the debt! – you only look shifty. When you have it both ways on the simple facts about your life, you look like an opportunistic liar.

Campaigns have a way of revealing the truth about people, don’t they?

Romney’s refusal to release any more tax returns even in the face of what certainly seems to be stifling criticism has a lot of people wondering just how bad their contents must really be:

Another common sentiment on Twitter and, notably, voiced earlier in the day by Governor Martin O’Malley:

Doesn’t look like this is going away any time soon.  Not a good week for the Mittster. (Earlier post from me on this here.)


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