The I-Am-Rubber-You-Are-Glue Defense

In response to Democratic attacks on the Paul Ryan Medicare plan, Republicans launch what can only be referred to as an “I-Am-Rubber-You-Are-Glue” defense.

Steve Benen lifts his jaw up off the floor and lays out the facts:

Reality is actually quite simple. Republicans argue that Medicare savings are necessary for the health of the program, and Obama found such savings, without touching Medicare benefits, and while strengthening the financial health of the system. The savings are so sensible, they’re part of Paul Ryan’s Republican budget plan — which Romney has endorsed.

Think about that for a second. Romney’s truly pathetic attack ad goes after Obama for a policy that Republicans, including Romney’s own running mate, have adopted. [emphasis mine]

But wait, there’s more!  We touched on the welfare lie last week, but since then Romney has doubled down, releasing a second spot:

Benen breaks it down:

Step One: Mitt Romney lies in an attack ad, falsely claiming that President Obama “gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.”

Step Two: Romney watches fact-checkers go berserk, condemning the ad for being demonstrably false.

Step Three: Romney expresses amazement that President Obama “keeps on running” ads, even after “the various fact-checkers” deem the spots “inaccurate.”

Step Four: Romney launches a new attack ad accusing Obama of “quietly ending work requirements” in the welfare law — an accusation that has no connection to this plane of reality.

The Romney campaign is building its entire message around a blatant, shameless lie — and then it’s attacking Obama for being sleazy and lacking in character.  This is genuinely twisted.

What else would you expect from a candidate who stands for and believes in nothing except his own personal aggrandizement?  Maybe that sounds extreme, but take a moment to consider the question Why does Mitt Romney want to be president?   If you can identify a set of political values and beliefs or a vision for America that has consistently guided Mitt Romney throughout his political career, I’m all ears.  But as far as I can tell there’s only one thing that guides the man: avarice.  And it makes for an ugly campaign.


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